Saturday, June 5, 2010

Champagne has been purchased!

Way to go Flyers...I knew they would tie it up at home.  We've got our champagne ready....

It was a hot run this morning.  I did just under 5 miles.  What I'm most proud of is that I ran the whole way up this massive hill.  The hill is long and steep (for the local folks, it's the hill behind Genuardi's in Spring House).  We all call it the Genuardi's hill.  Last week I walked 1/2 of it.  Not today...nope...ran the whole hill!! 

Tomorrow I will run 6 miles at Peace Valley with a bunch of Fleet Feet runners. I met my 1/2 marathon trainer today...she is FAST!  

Big news on the work front...can't spill the beans yet...but will let you all know soon.

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David Yingling said...

Great job today! You actually have motivated me to blog, so stay tuned!