Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's only the first day of summer vacation and....

I'm already threatening to send them to camp!

School went long this year due to all the snow & the strike.  Today is actually the official last day of school, but I let them stay home since my Mom is here to play with them.  Plus, they really have not been doing anything since last week.  Who can concentrate or learn in a non-air conditioned school when it is over 90 degrees every day?

But, I digress.... 

They got up around 8.  For those new to my blog, my kids are 8 and 6.  By 8:30, I had separated them and threatened both of them with summer camp.  How can they be THAT bad in a 1/2 hour?  We had a fight over a DS game, my daughter (the older one who should know better) pushed my son in the head, and neither would listen to anything my Mom or I was saying.

Did I mention I work from home some days?  And...I had a conference call that started at 9 am.  We got them separated and I retreated to the office for some quiet.  I believe they are now baking cookies (great...just what my waistline needs).  At least I ran 4 miles this morning to compensate for any cookies I may eat later today.  3 pm coffee break, anyone??

How in the world am I going to survive 2 more months of this???

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LambAround said...

Goodness! The Albuquerque students got out of school over a month ago. Good luck to you over there :)