Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A week without kids!

Our summer nanny is on vacation this week.  As soon as I found out her schedule, I contacted the grandmom's.  "Wouldn't you like some 1x1 time for a few days this summer with your grandchildren?"  The result:

ALR is with my Mom from Sunday-Wednesday.  JAL is with my Mother in Law. 
Wednesday - SWITCH DAY
ALR is with my Mother in Law from Wednesday to Saturday.  JAL is with my Mom.

Sunday evening through Saturday morning we are kid free...yes, you read that right.  Sunday through Saturday with no kids!  Can you believe it?  What I'm most amazed at so far is how clean, neat and tidy the house is.  When I leave for work in the morning, everything is in exactly the same place when I come home.  AMAZING!  There is also a hell of a lot less laundry accumulating.  And food...gee, it's not disappearing at alarming rates.

So, what have we been up to? 
  • Sunday night...a 3 mile run together with sushi for dinner. 
  • Monday-work for both of us.  Shopping in the evening...we bought Jeans (old navy is having a great sale), a new digital camera, shoes, groceries.  I didn't have to say "NO" 100 times at the grocery store...hubby didn't beg for anything!
  • Tuesday-work during the day, really nice dinner at a culinary school and gambling at the new Sands Casino in Bethlehem
  • Wednesday-work, plan is to run 5 miles in the evening (hopefully together)
  •  Thursday, Friday???
Anyone have any suggestions for Thursday night or Friday nights?  Movies?  More dinner out?

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Mama Hen said...

That sounds great that you have some time to regroup as "you". I would do a movie. I do not even know what is good in the movie world because I have not been to one in years. I know what you mean about your Dad and wanting to stop time at the holidays. I remember the Thanksgiving before my Dad died he was gone for a few hours. I kept calling him and could not find him whick was unusual because he had his car phone. His secretary said he was at the doctor. I just knew something was not right. When I got to talk with him he said everything was great! He end ed up passing away in February and we burried him on Valentines Day. I couldn't have picked a better day to send him off to heaven. I know you still struggle with missing your father and so do I. Enjoy your week.

Mama Hen