Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly recap

Not a great week...missed an 8 mile run due to my little face plant on the sidewalk incident.  Regardless, here's what I did:

Tuesday-6 miles, 110 minutes.  Never stopped the ipod when I fell or when I stopped to clean up the blood dripping out of my mouth. 
Wednesday & Thursday-off...too damn sore
Friday-12 miles, 2:16
Saturday-3 miles, 30  min
In other news, we redecorated Gidge's room.  She's outgrown the pastels and has opted for cheetah print.  Pics coming soon.

Mike ran the Shirley's Run 5K in Maple Glen this morning in the rain.  29:28 finish.  He wasn't pleased...but given the weather, I think he did great.

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