Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 8 Recap...6 to go!

Monday-should have been off, ran 7 miles in 1:15 instead
Tuesday-off day (switch with Monday)
Wednesday-5 miles, 55 min (Hot, Hot, disgustingly hot)
Thursday-30 min bike, arms, legs, abs
Friday-off, drank two caramel apple martinis!
Saturday-10 miles.  Yes, 10 freakin' miles.  1:47.  Second time in my life I've run 10 miles!
Today-3 miles, 31 min, 8X100 striders at end.  Tonight's run was great because I got to run with my Sweetie.  We rarely get to run together (someone has to hang with the kids).  Since the kids are with grandparents, we got to have a lovely pre-dinner run. 

Milelage total (including striders): 26 miles

And now I'm going to eat dinner...some sushi and crisp chard.  For those who are local, the Tuna Fantastic (appetizer) at Kumo is phenomenal.  One of our favorites. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good week ahead!

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